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The company CAVITRON®

Since 1984 we develop and manufacture our CAVITRON® machines for intensive mixing applications of liquid and disperse products in process technology. Based on rotor- / stator technology our rugged in-linedispersing machines are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, paper and food industries.

In the field of plant engineering CAVITRON® designs systems for the paper and packaging industry. Here we are specialized in the production of Starch processing plants such as starch dispersing and starch cooking plants for both cationic wet strength in the wet-end as well as enzymatic or thermochemical degraded starch for surface sizing.

Furthermore, we produce fully automatic adhesive systems for the corrugated cardboard industry. In addition to the Stein-Hall process, all other industrially applied processes are used.

With our ideas and experiences, we offer needs-based problem solutions for our customers. The common goal of our team is to implement the solutions technically highest level. That’s what the name CAVITRON® stands for.

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