Emulsifying with Cavitron Machines

Cavitron rotor-stator systems are particularly suitable for producing stable emulsions required for applications in various industries.

Cavitron machines offer several advantages in emulsion production compared to other machines. Here are some key benefits:

Fine and Even Droplet Sizes:
Cavitron machines can reduce droplets to submicron sizes, resulting in particularly fine and stable emulsions. The uniform droplet size prevents phase separation and settling.

High Homogeneity:
The emulsions have great homogeneity, a critical characteristic for the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

High Emulsion Stability:
By reducing droplet size, the surface area is increased, contributing to emulsion stability. Smaller droplets are less likely to coalesce and separate.

Efficient Processing:
Cavitron machines enable rapid and efficient processing of large quantities, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.

Continuous Operation:
Cavitron machines can operate continuously, an advantage for large-scale industrial processes.

Reduction of Emulsifiers:
Owing to the large surface area and minute size of droplets, the required quantity of emulsifiers can be decreased, resulting in impoved product quality and cost savings.

The versatility of Cavitron machines means they can be used for a whole range of emulsions, whether oil or water based.

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