Continuous Extraction

Extracting with Cavitron Machines

Cavitron’s rotor-stator systems are versatile devices used in the processing industry not only for homogenization and emulsification but also for solid-liquid extraction. The solids to be extracted are introduced into the Cavitron machine along with the solvent. This can be done continuously through in-line operation or in batch mode.

The mixture of solvent and solids is forced through the gap between rotor and stator.
The solids are intensively processed mechanically during this phase. Strong shear forces are created by the high rotational speed of the rotor, crushing the cell walls of the solids and increasing the surface area of the particles.
Once the solids have been crushed and deposited evenly in the solvent, the surface area between the solids and solvent is increased, resulting in improved efficiency of extraction.
The increased contact area and the heat generated from mechanical processing cause the desired components to be released from the solids into the solvent.

Cavitron machines offer several advantages in extraction over other machines:

Increased Extraction Efficiency:
Intensive crushing and increased contact area between solid and solvent significantly improve the extraction rate, releasing more active ingredients from the solids in a shorter time.

Reduced Solvent Consumption:
An increase in the efficiency of extraction can lead to a reduction in the need for solvents, resulting in a more benign environmental impact together with cost savings.

Uniform Dispersion:
Cavitron machines ensure even distribution of solids in the solvent, resulting in a more homogeneous extraction solution.

Reduced Extraction Time:
Mechanical processing in the Cavitron machine accelerates the extraction process, reducing the overall length of the process.

Heat Development:
The heat generated during operation can increase the solubility of the extraction substances and further accelerate the process.

Cavitron machines are available in various sizes and designs, suitable for small laboratory applications as well as large industrial processes.

Energy Efficiency:
Compared to other extraction methods that require high temperatures or lengthy procedures, Cavitron machines are often more energy-efficient due to the efficient extraction methods achieved by mechanical energy.

Cavitron machines can be used to process a variety of solids and solvents, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications.

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