Dispersing with Cavitron Machines

Cavitron’s rotor-stator systems offer significant advantages in many industrial applications due to their high efficiency, versatility, and capability for continuous processing, especially when fine particle distribution and the processing of high-viscosity materials are required.

Cavitron machines provide various advantages over other machines in the dispersion industry, making them particularly attractive for certain applications. Here are some key benefits:

High Crushing Efficiency:
Cavitron rotor-stator systems generate very high shear forces by means of narrow gaps between rotating and stationary surfaces. These forces are particularly effective in crushing and homogenizing particles down to the submicrometer range.

Fine and Even Particle Distribution:
The consistent shear forces lead to a homogeneous distribution of particles, resulting in more stable dispersions with uniform properties.

Processing High-Viscosity Materials:
Rotor-stator systems can efficiently process highly viscous materials and pastes more easily than other dispersible methods.

Continuous Operation:
Cavitron machines are designed for continuous operation, making them ideal for processing large quantities of material and industrial applications.

Easy Scalability:
The processes and technologies that we use in our laboratory systems can be adapted easily for industrial use.

Cavitron machines can process numerous materials such as viscous mixtures, solid particles and liquids, making them suitable for industries including chemical products, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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