Processing Plants

Construction of Plants for the Process of Intensive Mixing

Cavitron is responsible for designing and constructing processing plants which feature our own brand of rotor-stator machines. Undertaking a detailed analysis of the requirements is the first step in planning a plant. Which types of materials will need to be mixed? What quantities will be required? The answers will be critical in choosing the appropriate machine(s) and planning the workflow to maximum effect.

We can integrate our own components, in addition to the high-shear mixer, to ensure the plant operates according to optimal efficiency and the highest safety standards.

Storage and filling systems, such as big bag stations, silos, and screw conveyors, are essential components. They ensure that the plant is continuously and evenly supplied with raw materials.

Gravimetric and volumetric weighing systems play a central role in the accuracy of the mixing processes. By precisely weighing the raw materials, we ensure that the formulations are exactly adhered to. This is especially important in industries in which just small deviations can significantly affect the quality of output.

Another important aspect is keeping the raw materials free from metallic contaminants. For this purpose, we offer powerful magnetic separators.

In addition to these main components, we can complement the plant with additional features responsible for handling liquids or automating certain processing steps.

Combined Expertise in Plant Construction

In conjunction with Hosokawa Micron, Cavitron is constructing a processing plant for the continuous production of synthetic rubber. The design features important contemporary features such as complete automation of the process, high energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly processing. With maximum efficiency, the plant will create a new, robust, high-tech material.
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