About Cavitron

Rotor-Stator Machines for Process Engineering

Mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, extracting, homogenising: Since 1984, we have specialised in processes involving dispersing, emulsifying, extracting, homogenising and mixing materials.

Cavitron excels in energy and resource efficiency, process safety, and product quality, setting industry-wide standards with its machines. The rotor-stator technology lies at the heart of our product portfolio, which is used in comminution machines and high-shear mixers.

The Process as Part of the Product

We view the process within our rotor-stator machines as a step towards the final product. By considering the entire workflow, we ensure that we build machines perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs. This approach also allows us to offer optimally tuned auxiliary components, such as those for dosing, feeding, or product purification, or to combine them in complete systems.

Mechanical Engineering from the Ruhr Region

The city of Sprockhövel, the birthplace of Ruhr coal mining, has been our headquarters since 1984. Early on, it became home to mechanical engineering companies initially focused on the needs of the mining industry.

The company was founded by Hans-Walter Funke and Rolf vom Hagen, who started a successful cable machinery manufacturing business in their home town in 1960, which continues to thrive to this day.

Cavitroners think of solutions daily

»Our customers live and think in the world of their processes and products. We live for mechanical engineering – and conceive machines as specific, individual solutions. Process visions, engineered is our company mission. While each of us diligently performs our tasks, we always function as one large team in realising this vision.«


Dipl.-Ing. Lars Benkwitz
Managing Director


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