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Process visions,

Cavitron develops and manufactures machines for intensive mixing applications in process engineering. For 40 years.

Cavitron is a leading provider of the technology required for intensive mixing applications in process engineering. In addition to high-shear mixers, we develop and build processing systems and process-related components. Our machines and know-how can be found in countless plants of all key industries worldwide.

The uncompromising commitment to the highest quality, ongoing drive for innovation, and an instinct for the perfect solution define our long-term customer relationships. We advise, design, and manufacture with one simple goal in mind: to bring our customers’ ideas to life. Our motto is: Process Visions, engineerd.


Our main product is rotor-stator machines. They are used in virtually all industries where challenging mixing processes occur, and high demands are placed on product quality and replicability.

Plant Components

For requirements concerning feeding, dosing, and separating, we supply components perfectly matched to our machines. These components have also been installed in plants worldwide for decades.

Processing Plants

Our range of services includes the planning, design, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning of plants for the processing industry. The heart of the plants we supply is usually one or more of our rotor-stator machines.

Good People

Here in the Ruhr area, the team spirit is older than the use of the term itself. You can bank on it! No one has asked about your origin for generations here. There may be some grumbling, “My dear Mr. Kokoschinski!” but no bullying. That’s all there is to say.

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