Optimizing Chemical Reactions

Optimizing Chemical Reactions with Cavitron Machines

The use of Cavitron machines can improve substantially the effect and efficiency of chemical reactions. These agents, comprising liquid and solid reactants, are inserted into the machine in batches or continuously in-line.

High shear forces are generated when the materials are propelled through the narrow gap between the rotor and the stator. These forces, having squashed the particles to microscopic sizes, deposit them evenly in the liquid.

This significantly increases the surface area of the solid particles. As a result, the surface area of the reactants is maximized, optimizing the chemical reaction. The advantages of Cavitron machines in optimizing chemical reactions include:

Perfect Control over Injections:
Particularly for products that react immediately upon contact, all Cavitron machines can be equipped with injectors to add one or more components directly to the main stream in the rotor-stator system.

Increased Reaction Speed:
The increased contact area between the reactants leads to an accelerated reaction speed. This is especially important for reactions that usually proceed slowly.

Improved Yield:
Enhanced mixing and intensive processing optimize reaction conditions, leading to a higher yield of the desired product.

Homogenisation of Reactants:
Cavitron machines ensure even distribution of reactants in the reaction medium, leading to more uniform reaction conditions and reducing by-product formation.

Energy Efficiency:
Efficient mechanical processing reduces energy requirements compared to other methods, including lowering the necessary reaction temperature.

Reduction in Catalyst Use:
Improved mixing and increased reaction surface area reduce the need for expensive catalysts and enhance their effectiveness, lowering costs.

Improved Control over Reaction Conditions:
Cavitron machines enable precise control over particle size and distribution, allowing fine-tuned control over reaction conditions.

Shorter Reaction Times:
Accelerated reaction speed and improved yield shorten overall reaction times, increasing the efficiency of the entire production process.

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