Cavimix Vertical Mixer

Mixing, Wetting, Aerating

Cavimix machines are used for processing fluid systems and for introducing gases or wetting powders. They are designed for high solid content in the product being processed and for creating highly viscous dispersions. Cavimix machines are used, among other enterprises, in the chemical industry, paint and pigment production, and the starch industry. The design allows for both continuous and discontinuous operation.

Cavimix machines are based on the principle of the rotor-stator centrifugal homogenizer. A key feature is the vertical arrangement with product entry from above and drive from below. This allows the use of an open, typically three-bladed rotor from above, the teeth of which engage at the bottom with the conically arranged coaxial slot rings of the stator. Above the rotor-stator system is a feed vessel with a diameter 1.5 to 2.5 times the rotor diameter.

The centrifugal acceleration of the rotor causes the product to move from the inner to the outer diameter along the inclined plane of the stator unit. The slots in the stator become progressively narrower from ring to ring, so that after leaving the outer ring, a high rate of material disintegration and thus an extremely intensive mixing result is achieved.

The large conveyance effect creates a spatially superimposed movement and circulation along the cylindrical wall of the feed vessel to the center (Trombe).

The machines mix powder components, pastes, and liquids of any viscosity. Solids are also finely dispersed. In the open rotor-stator Cavimix system, substances can be processed that would overwhelm closed rotor-stator systems due to their poor flow properties.


Cavimix machines are used in all processing industries when liquid-solid mixtures with high solid content need to be produced. They are also used for dispersing highly swellable and difficult-to-wet powders and processing coarse materials with liquids.

When wetting a solid mixture while simultaneously performing mechanical processing, fibrillating fibers, and producing high-quality homogeneous pre-dispersions, Casimir machines showcase their specific strengths.

Special Features

  • Cavimix machines are suitable for dispersing low to high viscosity substances.
  • The processing of high viscosity phases is a special feature of the machines.
  • They ensure intensive dispersion in the shortest time.
  • We manufacture machine sizes from laboratory scale to production.

General Specifications

Continuous throughput: 20 l/h to 15 m³/h
Batch size: 2 to 1,500 liters
Rheology: unlimited
Electrical connection: 3 to 40 kW
Intensity: variable through the exchange of rotors and stators as well as automatic speed adjustment.


Designation 1021/1022 1031/1032 1041/1042 1061
Batch volume L 2 – 50 10 – 150 30 – 500 50 – 1.500
Continuous l/h 20 – 500 150 – 4.000 200 – 6.000 500 – 15.500
Motor power kW 3 – 7,5 7,5 – 15 10 – 25 20 – 40
Stator stages 3/4 3/4 4 – 5 5


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