In our CAVITHERM plants cationic starches for the wet-end in the production of paper and board is processed, as well as enzymatic or thermochemical starch degradation is performed for surface sizing.

CAVITRON® offers complete solutions ranging from starch storage to silos or big bags, the cooking process (thermochemical or enzymatic) up to the feed of starch glue for the size press.

Accurate gravimetric component dosing, precise temperature control, the patented Jet Heater and proven process technology ensure compliance and consistency of the desired process parameters.

Our CAVITHERM systems cover a power consumption of 100 to 5,000 kg/h (bone dry) and are designed, constructed and manufactured according to the requirements of our customers in order to ensure optimal performance of the system.

paper industry
foundry additives
glass fiber industry
briquette production
film production
Plasterboard production
adhesives industry
Food industry

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