Magnetic separator & Deflaker

Magnetic separator

The magnetic separator provides reliable protection against magnetic foreign bodies in liquid fluids. The separators are installed, for example, before or after ball mills or deflakers to protect the following process machines.

The max. throughputs are up to 400 m³ / h. In addition to the three permanent magnetic columns, a gravity separator can be installed, which separates non-magnetizable foreign bodies from the medium by sedimentation (Stone trap).

TypeCM 75CM 100CM 150CM 200CM 300CM 400
Power (m³/h)75100150200300400
Connections (DIN 2642 PN10)DN 150DN 200DN 250DN 300DN 300/400DN 400
Installation length appr. (mm)6807007507508001000


The CAVITRON® deflaker defibrillates fiber bundles without shortening the cellulose fibers.
The treatment of the pulp improves the binding strength of the fibers in the paper.
The CAVITRON®-machine is commonly used in the paper industry to provide better fiber yield.
The fibrillation intensity is adjusted by the selection of the rotor/stator system.
TypeCD 1028CD 1048CD 1068CD 1070
capacity (kg/atro)8001.6002.5004.000
Drive (kW)3037 – 5575 – 130100 – 230

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